About the company


Our beginnings date back to 1990, when we were one of the first private companies in Slovenia with their own sales and distribution of solid fuels. Bioles Horizont d.o.o., as the first private company and a ten-year gazelle in the field of energy supply, strive to provide constantly high quality products and services to the most demanding customers. According to the ecological trend, we expanded our program with liquid fuels in 1993, thus enabling our customers to choose. With excellent sales success, we have achieved the position of one of the leading company in the north-east of Slovenia.

Vision of  Bioles Horizont

“We will become a successful and socially responsible company, focused on customer satisfaction – an expert with extremely satisfied customer support.” In Bioles Horizont l.l.c., we provide high quality, economical and clean ways of heating and at the same time we take care of the customer’s satisfaction.”

Mission of Bioles Horizont

“With the sale of natural energy sources, we have committed ourselves to creating a healthy, clean and safe present and the future for our society and world in general.”