• All electrical components are Siemens.
  • Maximum production capacity.
  • Heavy structure with standard design.
  • Raw material size acceptability: up to 15 mm can be operated without a hammer mill.
  • Easy to operate system helps to save costs in production.
  • Delivers finished and high density briquettes with 75 mm diameter.
  • Briquetting process is environmentally friendly without burning any raw material.
  • Designed with the special sensor system to indicate the temperature of the machine.
  • Special siren systems alert about any minor / major problem in the machine.
  • Reliable dustproof design of the main components.

75 mm briquetting machine

Our Supreme 75 model is the ideal choice for the manufacturer looking for output in the range of 800 – 1000 kg/h and is not yet ready for the investment in the installation of the Jumbo 90 model. This machine is also supported by a hammer mill (powder making unit) that crushes raw material into smaller pieces / powder suitable for the final steps of briquetting process.

Production capacity avg. 800-1.000 kg/h - Depends on raw material
Finished product size 75 mm diameter
Briquette lenght 100 mm to 350 mm
Finished product shape Cylindrical
Raw material size up to 15 mm
Sawdust 800 to 950kg/h (Approx.)
Straw 650 to 750 kg/h (Approx.)
Sugar cane bagasse 600 to 750kg/h (Approx.)
Groundnut shell 800 to 1.000 kg/h (Approx.)
Other & mix raw materials 750 to 950 kg/h (Approx.)
Input bulk density 140 to 200 kg/m3
Moisture content 8-12%
Briquetting pressure 1200 kg/cm for binderless briquetting
Required power connection 70 HP / 53 KW machine with powder mill
Practical used Amp. 60 - 70 Amp (Approx.)
Power consumption 28 -32 units/h